Introducing Launch High School

Iron County School District offers a high-tech high school focused on entrepreneurial design thinking and personalized competency-based education.

Launch High Building


Innovative Learning for ALL


Empowering exceptional students through personalized competency-based education that emphasizes experiential hands-on learning with technology, entrepreneurial design thinking, and the essential, transferable skills to prepare students for future success.

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Introducing Launch High School

Launch High School will partner with SUU’s School of Business and Entrepreneurship program, as well as Southwest Tech, to give all students opportunities for authentic work and a pathway to their future education, career, and success. Students will attend Launch High School, in the building next to the district office, on either an A day or B day to study English, math, science and social studies in a unique environment that will infuse technology and design thinking. They’ll return to their boundary high school to take elective classes on the alternating days and for extracurricular activities/athletics. 

This school will be best suited for 9th to 12th-grade students who are interested in:

  • Early access to credit acquisition toward graduation and/or early college/technical education.  
  • Experiential learning in a hands-on, project-based environment.
  • Essential skills, like creativity, communication, and collaboration, integrated into courses.
  • Entrepreneurial education that connects to industry and post-secondary partners.
  • EdTech integration to provide a mix of in-person and online instruction and activities.
  • Elect an alternative approach to education where teachers personalize learning.

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